Artist Showcase – Graeme Neil Reid

Graeme Neil Reid describes himself as a Scottish artist living and working in Fife, Scotland. With a strong sense for traditional skills, as easily at home creating unique illustrations on paper, board and canvas as he is digitally in Adobe Photoshop, Manga Studio, Art Rage and various other applications.

Of course, he is probably best known to visitors to LetsGoCommando as a Commando cover artist. Graeme produced his first cover for Commando, issue number 5153 The Red Devil, published in August 2018. Since then he has gone on to produce the cover art for issue no. 5187 Ice-Cold Commando, 5193 Cold Steel, 5213 Battle Blisters, 5225 Mud And Mayhem, 5249 Crisis On Crete, 5433 Dead Man’s Chest, 5441 Flak Crew and 5452 Lone Wolf. Some of the work Graeme has produced for Commando has been reminiscent of early Commando cover art while others have a modern flavour, but always in his own, distinctive style.

In addition to his work for DC Thomson, Graeme has regularly produced professional, commercial artwork. His work has graced books (The Dangerous Book of Heroes), television (World’s Strongest Man), gaming (Need for Speed), magazines (Radio Times), comics (2000AD), online and apps (Doctor Who) and much more.

As well as commercial art, Graeme also produces original artwork which he makes available for sale to the public, via his Etsy store. Much of the art he sells is based upon tv and movie scenes and characters but not surprisingly for an artist known for Commando cover art, he also produces and sells some very fine military art. Some of our favourite pieces are shown below and at the time of writing, the originals are available to buy. Use the links below the images to view these original artworks on Etsy.

Graeme has also been kind enough to supply us with a small number of hand-signed prints, featuring some of the designs above and some additional designs. These are a combination of photographic and traditional art prints, and all are stunning. You can view and purchase these from our art category.

Discover more about Graeme Neil Reid and his portfolio at and via Patreon. You can also see Graeme at work on his Youtube channel.

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