Commando Comic No. 281 – Black Squadron


  • Commando Comic No. 281
  • Published September 1967
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  • Good condition
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Pinned on a board in every Luftwaffe airfield in Germany was a “Wanted Man” notice:

“Wanted for the murder of Major Von Dorn – the British pilot who flies a Spitfire bearing the insignia of a red mailed fist.”

Adolf Hitler himself would shake the hand of the Nazi pilot who shot that RAF flier down, no reward would be too high for him, no honour too great.

Can you wonder that the Luftwaffe took off and hunted young Pilot Officer Jack Turner like a pack of wolves on the trail of a wounded deer?

The how and why of it make a tremendous air war story in pictures!


A decent copy. Mild spine roll, tanning. Cover is clean and bright, book is sound and in good condition. Bagged and boarded. Please examine photos carefully and see our notes on item condition before purchasing.

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