Commando Comic No. 911 – Flying Flea


  • Commando Comic No. 911
  • Published February 1975
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Funny looking little crate, ain’t it? A sort of motor bike with wings.

Eighteen-year-old Willie Onslow built it himself, and flew it, too!

A Frenchman invented the Flying Flea and do-it-yourself kits to build it were offered for under £100. Young Willie, flying mad, saved up and got one sent out to the island of Silau, south east of New Guinea, where his dad ran an air-freight business with an ancient Vickers Virginia bomber.

When the war came and an Aussie fighter squadron took over Silau, the pilots laughed themselves sick at the two freakish-looking planes already operating there. Willie had to take the Flea up and run rings around the latest Tomahawk fighter before they began to consider letting father and son – and the Flea – join the war effort.


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