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For anyone growing up in the 1970s and 80s, as I did, Commando Comics were a familiar sight on the shelves of the local newsagent. I can’t recall how I obtained my first copy of a Commando Comic but it was probably around 1980 and I remember a long hot summer in the garden becoming increasingly engrossed in tales of brave and heroic acts, unflinching courage in the face of adversity, cunning plans to outwit the enemy and general derring-do.

Noting my interest, a neighbour passed on his early comics to me and I had the beginnings of a collection. This would soon be supplemented by fortnightly visits to my local WHSmith in anticipation of the four shiny new editions I hoped would now be in stock.

I recently rediscovered Commando Comics, amazingly still going strong after more than six decades in print. For nostalgia, perhaps, more than any other reason, I have enjoyed revisiting these tales again. I soon realised I am not alone and that these books have become quite collectable while, with the exception of very early editions, not prohibitively expensive. I guess many of those who may read this will have similar tales. Perhaps that’s what brought you here. While you’re here feel free to say hello and share your own stories in the comments or contact us.

Much of the factual information we have made use of such as publication dates, cover artists and content authors details has been sourced from the excellent British Comics, an invaluable resource compiled since 2002 by Vic Whittle.

LetsGoCommando is a part of the BuzzNet family of websites. Our other projects include sports and gaming websites, Christmas village products and whatever else motivates us. Essentially, we are web developers and entrepreneurs but as far as the topics we cover go, we are fans rather than experts. Our users, readers and customers may well be more knowledgeable than ourselves but we hope you like what we have to offer, enjoy your visit and hopefully return.

4 Replies to “About Us”

  1. Gary says:

    Hi. I have a lot of commando books i would like to sell. Would you be interested if i sent issue numbers and photos?

  2. Steve Cox says:

    Hi Matt
    I’ve just come across your site while looking for a little book I read when I was young. Like you, I grew up in the 70s and enjoyed the Commando comics. I also remember being given a few small books about adventures during WW2. These little books were only about 5” by 3” in size and were quite dumpy. I guess each one had about 10,000 words, though possibly less. The story that I can still remember is about a tank squad. They get into scrapes and lose their officer. Then there is only one broken tank left. The sergeant fixes it and they must find their way back. One of the crew, who helps the sergeant, gets wounded. He carries on playing a part in helping them escape, but he dies from loss of blood. I thought that was quite shocking as a kid.
    Have you any idea what series of books that story may have come from? Any help would be appreciated. Steve

    1. Matt says:

      Hi Steve,

      Sounds like you’re referring to a text rather than picture/comic story? Most of what we feature here are of the comic strip type which is where the ‘picture library’ title comes from. However, I am familiar with a series (and there are probably more) that had a similar outward appearance but were text based. These were known as Combat Library (not to be confused with Combat Picture Library). They were published by GM Publishing/Micron, in roughly the size you describe from the late 50s and into the 60s. Possibly the last of its kind. Perhaps these are the ones you remember?


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