Commando Comics Wanted

Are you looking to sell a Commando comics collection? Perhaps your collection has grown too large, are downsizing and need the space, or perhaps you have inherited a collection and are looking to move them on. Perhaps you could be a charity shop with unsold stock.

We are nearly always looking to buy new stock. Not just Commando comics either but British War Stories in general. Although Commando comics are our main focus we are also interested in buying picture libraries too – Air Ace Picture Library, Battle and War Picture Libraries, Pearsons, Combat, Conflict, Attack, Battler Britton and more.

We are also in the market for Holiday Specials, Commando collected editions, annuals and most books or graphic novels related to British war stories comics.

We prefer to buy larger collections, particularly of standard issue (numbered 1000-3999) Commando comics as we sell a lot of these in our bundles and nearly always need to replenish stocks. Smaller collections of any size and including rarer, more sought after comics will also be considered. We are happy to offer an appraisal even if you ultimately choose to sell elsewhere or not to sell at all. Show us what you have!

If you have realistic expectations, please do get in touch with a some details of what you have and preferably with a few photos too. Please use our contact form or send an email to

Commando style image