Commando Comic No. 243 – Jet Blitz


  • Commando Comic No. 243
  • Published January 1967
  • Pre-owned
  • Good condition
  • Bagged and boarded

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Hitler’s latest secret weapon, the lightning-fast Messerschmitt 262 jets – and the R.A.F. had nothing to touch them for speed.

They had to go down and nail this menace for good, the hard way – on the ground. But to dive your Tempest right inside a hangar, full of a dozen of them, and drop Napalm fire bombs while you’re in the hangar – well! Not one man in the squadron would have given two-pence for Flying Officer Milton’s chances . . .

But this was the sort of thing the special flight of three known as “Carter’s Killers” were always doing. And they had a good reason – Carter!


A nice copy. Minimal wear, has small “78” noted on rear. Book is sound and in good condition. Bagged and boarded. Please examine photos carefully and see our notes on item condition before purchasing.

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