Commando Comic No. 275 – Lone Ace


  • Commando Comic No. 275
  • Published August 1967
  • Pre-owned
  • Good condition
  • Bagged and boarded

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“Stand by for a crash – young Denny Price has just taken off!”

What a reputation for a young pilot to get. Too bad that the every word of it was true.

From recklessness and bad judgement – or maybe just through bad luck and being green, Dan finished up by pranging every aircraft he ever flew. Spitfires, Hurricanes, U.S. Grumman Wildcats – they were all the same to Dan; in the drink, in the fields, on the decks of carriers he dumped them with amazing regularity, totally beyond repair.

Not until he crashed one with cold courage right on to an attacking U-boat did everyone start believing in Dan – even Dan himself!


A nice copy. Slight reading crease, minimal wear, mild tanning. Cover is clean and bright, book is sound and in good condition. Bagged and boarded. Please examine photos carefully and see our notes on item condition before purchasing.

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