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Something that we hope to feature regularly here at LetsGoCommando are special and signed editions of Commando comics, books and other associated memorabilia. You will often find signed editions of books on offer at major retailers such as Waterstones and these are very popular, offering something over and above that which comes with a purchase of a standard edition publication. The signature provides the collector with an almost personal connection with an author that doesn’t come with standard, mass production titles. It provides an extra layer of collectability and desirability and sometimes, even uniqueness.

In the case of comic books, including Commando comic books, which are already collectable, the signature has the opportunity to set an item apart from what is commonly available. However, unlike regular published books, comics are less likely to have signed editions made available. Certainly in the case of Commando, we are unaware of any editions ever being produced with the intention of making signed copies available. However, there have certainly been occasions where Commando authors or artists have signed copies of their works to be made available in their local stores. Similarly, authors and artists have been known to sign personal copies at events or other promotional activities.

Image credit: konstantin rotkevich (Pixabay)

Commando comics have more scope for signed editions than some other formats. In addition to the author, Commando comics could be further enhanced by the signature of both the story and cover artists. And let’s not forget Commando editors either. Some cover artists, in particular, that have produced for Commando have become internationally renowned for their work both with Commando and elsewhere. Ian Kennedy and Ken Barr are two notable examples.

At the time of writing, we have recently acquired three Commando anthologies – Bandits at 12 O’Clock, All Guns Blazing and True Brit, each of which has been signed and lined by Commando author and former editor, Calum Laird.

In addition to these, also currently available at the time of writing are three standard Commando comics signed to the cover by the author, Russell Sheath. These are 5363 Daggers Drawn, 5411 Ready For Anything and 5489 Beware The Phantom.

Perhaps the most desirable signed item of all to come our way recently though is a 1968 edition, no. 305 Bogus Yanks, neatly signed to the front by renowned cover artist, Ken Barr. It comes bagged and boarded (as do all the comics we sell) and complete with a certificate of authenticity.

We hope to be able to supply signed and special editions on a regular basis but obviously once they’re gone, they’re gone. It won’t be just Commando either, we would love to feature some of the other work and associated memorabilia of Commando-related authors and artists. We would welcome an approach by any such individual. We may be new but we would be pleased to feature and promote the work of any author or artist, past or present, that has worked on Commando.

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